My Birthday! | News

Hello lovely people!

I’m finally writing my birthday blog post – it’s taken me so long to get around to it!

My birthday was so lovely – I was surrounded by people I love & it was very chilled out & relaxing. 

We went for food at The Red Fox in Penllyn which is such a cosy little pub. The decor is beautiful – it has fairy lights everywhere! – and the staff are lovely & friendly. I had sausages & mash which were absolutely B-E-A-uuutiful!


After dinner, we went for a drive & stopped at a few little spots along the way before we came home. It was really nice to spend the day just cruising through the countryside and enjoying the beautiful views.


I was lucky enough to receive wonderful presents from my family & friends too.

My talented auntie painted me a beautiful painting of a recording studio in North Wales. It’s such a cosy, atmospheric picture and it’s hopefully going to go up on my wall soon. I absolutely love my auntie’s artwork & it will compliment my room very nicely.

I also had a gorgeous Yankee Candle from my sister that is called Pink Sands. It smells like a tropical holiday with a hint of vanilla too. It is HUGE and has already taken its place on my desk 🙂 The candle holder is absolutely beautiful & has little birds, flowers & leaves painted on to it – stunning! When I’m missing the sun here in Wales, I’m gonna light it!

My friend Joanna bought me a happy box to use throughout the year. It is just the sweetest box and the illustrations on it are just gorgeous! The idea is that every time something good happens, however big or small, you scribble it down on one of the little cards and pop it into the box. Then, when you’re feeling down or at the end of the year, you open the box and read the cards 🙂 What a fabulous way to appreciate the little things in life!

(I am also obsessed with From Lucy where the happy box came from & I’ve spent the last half an hour looking through all their amazing products!)

Finally, my friend Ana sent me a ‘party in a box’ which was full of lovely little gifts & one of them was a little Ros Shiers notebook! I adore Ros Shiers prints, especially the one that Ana has on her wall. The notebook she sent me is covered in vintage cameras and they look so cool. I’m very excited to start scribbling away in it & getting all my ideas down 🙂 all those blank pages – aaargh the exhilaration!!


And that was my birthday wrapped up in a blog post!

I hope you’re all having a fab week & June is treating you well so far!

See ya next week,


Allie x

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