Notes on a Typewriter | Writing

Happy New Year, everyone!

I can’t believe we’re in 2020 already – it’s made me have a bit of an existential crisis over the last few days, if I’m honest. 2020!! How?!

Anyway, before I fall down that hole again, I wanted to let you know about my new Instagram account – @notesonatypewriter

In 2019, I started to write creatively again (one of the resolutions I really stuck to!) and managed to write a couple of short stories as well as getting back to the book I seem to have been writing for approx. 1000 years.

This year, I resolved to keep it up and a gift from my best friend will definitely help that.

Towards the end of last year, Ana who is based in London had spotted a vintage typewriter from the ’70s online and sent me photos which I looked at longingly.

She kept talking about it even after she’d told me it had been sold which I thought was a little weird.

Little did I know it had been sold to her – she’d only gone and bought it for me! She visited the seller’s house to go and pick it up; it came from the house of an older couple who were downsizing and the lady told Ana that her husband had been collecting typewriters for years but had barely ever used this one.

By the time it came to me, it still looked brand new and is such good condition.


I really wanted to make the most of having such a gorgeous little typewriter so I thought why not combine that with my writing?

If you’re on Instagram, please feel free to give me a follow & let me know what you think of my posts (any advice would be greatly appreciated :)).

I hope you like them,

Allie x


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