How Self Belief Can Lead You To Success

Building self-belief is a key part of building self-confidence.

I truly believe you need confidence to be successful and self-belief can help you move forward to the next stage in your career.

Step outside your comfort zone

As a key part of self-belief, you need to be pushing yourself outside your comfort zone all the time.

We could happily stay cosy and safe in our comfort zones but if we do that, we won’t grow and we won’t evolve.


To give you an example of this, a few years ago, I wouldn’t apply for any jobs that had a higher salary than I thought I was worthy of. I wouldn’t apply for any jobs that mentioned skills I didn’t have – I had to have absolutely everything on the job description.

I didn’t have that self-belief in myself that I could do the job regardless, or that I could talk to the employer in the interview and let them know that I didn’t have the experience but I was certainly willing to learn.

After building my confidence and my self-belief, I applied for plenty of jobs that I didn’t have the experience for. I didn’t necessarily have certain skills that were on the job descriptions but I went for it anyway and I did get interviews.

So it does make a difference when you have that self-belief – it can help you to go for things that you wouldn’t normally go for.

And that’s just having self-belief that you’re worthy enough and capable enough of doing the job.

Are you doubting yourself?

Now the opposite of self-belief is self-doubt and I just want to explain a little bit about how self-doubt works so that you know exactly what happens when you’re doubting yourself.

A lot of clients I see come into my coaching sessions have self-doubt issues and the self-doubt loop works in this way:

Say I want to go for a new job. I see one that’s perfect for me, I fill out the application and I’m just about to hit send to put that application in…but I hesitate.

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Now the moment you start hesitating, is the moment the doubt starts creeping in and all those negative thoughts about yourself start surfacing.

And because of that, you then validate the thought that you have that you’re not good enough for the job. You doubt yourself, you don’t put the job application in and the self-doubt cycle continues.

The self-doubt loop can paralyse you, it can stop you going for what you really want. So you need to break it and the way to do that is through taking action.

Just to give you an example, when I started my IG account, I did not want to show up on stories. I was so nervous, I filmed them thousands of times before I went live. But now I start filming and it’s fine – I don’t have to have make up on, I could be out walking and the fear just isn’t the same.

But back then, I was really scared.

It’s just all about making the unfamiliar more familiar to you.

That can start with little things, like turning the water on to cold for 30 seconds before the end of your shower. Sounds crazy but it does help.

Or going for a walk without your headphones on, without the comfort of podcasts or music – little things but the more familiar you make them and bring them inside your comfort zone, the more your comfort zone grows, the more you grow and the better chances you have of being successful.

Make the unfamiliar familiar, step outside your comfort zone, build that self-belief and I have every faith it’ll lead you to success in your career.

What do you think?

Allie x

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