To the precious human reading this…

You’re probably here because you want to find the confidence to go for your big dreams, but just can’t seem to get past those criticisms you have of yourself. Or you’re here because you want the confidence to feel independent again, after cancer treatment or with a chronic illness.

Well hi – I’m Allie. I help people take back control of their lives through 1:1 coaching.

I get you because I’ve been exactly where you are now.

I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the femur a month before my 15th birthday, back in 2008. At the time, I seemed to manage things pretty well, all things considered. But when I finished treatment (and in the years that followed), I found it hard to get back into ‘normal’ life again.

For me, there just didn’t seem to be enough support out there for cancer survivors, dealing with the long-term consequences of their life-changing experience. Things had changed so much in the nine months that I had been in hospital, including me.

It was only when I found myself single and living alone at the age of 25 that I realised I couldn’t keep distracting myself from what was going on in my head. That I didn’t feel good enough for anyone. That my self-confidence had hit rock bottom. That I hadn’t worked through the fear that had stayed with me since I left the hospital. I started to invest my time and money in myself and discovered different techniques to build my confidence back up – that’s when I really found my place in the world again. This is why I truly believe that helping someone to develop their confidence can enhance their life.

I have spoken on the subject of therapeutic writing to breast cancer patients at Aurora Wiltshire and contributed to two books – the ‘Eat Better With Cookbook’ in aid of Marie Curie and the ‘Live Life Now Project’.

But I’ve also got some quals too…

I have completed a Diploma in Life Coaching as well as a Masters degree in Creative Writing. I use creativity as a form of expression and I encourage my clients to do the same as it can be such a useful outlet.

In my time in the corporate world, I’ve also completed an Introductory Course to Counselling, a course in Managers Mental Health Training and an ILM Level 2 Qualification in Leadership and Team Skills, all of which have improved my abilities to connect with others in a meaningful way.

Reader, I want you to feel as though you have a place in the world again.

I want you to feel as though you can walk back into a room and not be afraid of what people think. To talk about your experiences honestly and openly. To know that you are so much more than the negative things you’ve told yourself for years. Sound good to you? Let’s chat.

See what my clients say…

“Thank you so much for my first session. You made me feel relaxed straight away. I’ve been struggling with low self esteem but with your support, guidance and effective coaching, I was immediately on a positive path.”

Some more Allie facts (just in case you didn’t get enough of me already)

  • I’m a huuuuge bookworm & I’m always reading. Favourite authors include David Nicholls, J M Barrie and Anne Tyler.
  • To the annoyance of my other half, I’m very much into my reality TV. I’m talking MIC, Real Housewives, aaaall the Channel 4 reality shows.
  • If we ever went out for dinner together, I would not share my food with you. I’m sorry. But I won’t.
  • Favourite constellation is Ursa Minor. Just love that little bear.
  • I’m an introvert but I often come across as an extrovert. I love seeing other people but have to be on my own to recharge my batteries.
  • And lastly, my drink of choice is a G&T or a decaf tea. So, with that in mind…