The Reality of Scanxiety | Cancer Tips

I’ve always said that the worst part of having tests done is the agonising wait for results. Once you have those results, you know where you stand, but that bit in-between is enough to give the coolest person in the world anxiety. Recently, I’ve been suffering with pain in my hip and lower back. Unfortunately, … More The Reality of Scanxiety | Cancer Tips

Ziplining for Noah’s Ark Charity | Fundraising

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to fundraise for a charity close to my heart for a while now. But when it came along combined with something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, I couldn’t say no! That’s not to say I’m absolutely terrified. It is the world’s fastest seated zipline, after … More Ziplining for Noah’s Ark Charity | Fundraising

Hotel du Lac | Books

With the dreaded C-word still around, I haven’t travelled abroad this year and it’s really had an effect on me. Looking forward to escaping everyday life for a while and discovering somewhere new always gives me a little boost, but this year, I’ve found myself just plodding along, doing the same old thing, day in, … More Hotel du Lac | Books