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The last few years, I’ve spent so much time on social media, I dread to think about the hours I’ve spent scrolling through posts! It’s been amazing for building a community and finding like-minded people, but I just don’t seem to get the same kick out of it that I used to. It may be … More Newsletters I’m Loving | News

How To Talk To Your Family About Cancer | Cancer Tips

Going through cancer is hard enough. But trying to talk about it to your loved ones can be pretty tough too. Cancer is still one of those weird taboo subjects, even though half of the population is affected by it. The truth is that people become very awkward around things they don’t know too much … More How To Talk To Your Family About Cancer | Cancer Tips

Becky | Books

My Kindle battery has recently died a death and I’m devastated to say the least. So when I downloaded this wonderful book from NetGalley, I knew I’d be doing most of the reading on my phone. To be honest, it worked out quite well as I always have my phone on me, and whenever I … More Becky | Books