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My Kindle battery has recently died a death and I’m devastated to say the least. So when I downloaded this wonderful book from NetGalley, I knew I’d be doing most of the reading on my phone.

To be honest, it worked out quite well as I always have my phone on me, and whenever I got a spare minute, I was diving right back into this.

This book had me racing through its pages, absolutely hooked on the story of the formidable Becky. And you know I love a complicated main character.

Let me tell you all about it…

Who wrote it?

Sarah May – the first book of hers I’ve read!

How long is it?

My phone won’t tell me but according to Amazon, it’s 432 pages in the hardcover edition.

So, what happens?

Becky Sharp is a woman on a mission – to be running the biggest tabloid in the country.

We watch her rise to the top, standing on many people to get there. And we watch it all fall down around her when the corruption she has encouraged is exposed (hey, I never said she was a likeable character!)

All set in 1990s London, it makes for a gripping story.

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What are my thoughts?

I was intrigued by this book from the off (that cover!), and once I started reading, I knew it was going to be a page-turner.

Becky is a complicated character and has her fair share of ups and downs throughout the book. Growing up in a high-rise with little support from her mother, she has ambitious dreams of ‘making it’ as a journalist. Throughout the novel, we see Becky move up the ladder; she begins her career as a nanny for the children of a tabloid tycoon, then becomes a reporter, and finally ends up in a senior position within the field. Along the way, she becomes involved in all sorts of corruption and scandal, just to make sure the newspaper gets a good headline and makes sales.

The flashbacks to Becky’s childhood make this book all the more interesting, as it’s not a straightforward portrayal of a woman who becomes absolutely ruthless in her quest for a story that sells. We understand more about the character and how she reached this point, which makes Becky a much more well-rounded figure.

I must confess I haven’t read Vanity Fair and I know this book is based on that plot. However, I honestly couldn’t get enough of ‘Becky’ and think it works well as a novel within its own right. Weaving in elements of real life that would have dominated newspapers back in the day, such as Princess Diana’s lovers, and phone tapping scandals, Becky is an outstanding novel that I’ll be recommending to everyone I know.

Final verdict

5/5 – Looking for something gritty to get your teeth into? Look no further – Becky is here!


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