I love seeing my clients get amazing results from the work we do together.

Read what they have to say:

“I felt I was ready to admit that I needed help to manage my negative feelings and experiences as they were taking over my life.

I’ve only had two sessions with Allie so far but I’m absolutely delighted with my progress and Allie’s professionalism. I wondered initially how this course would be beneficial to me but Allie clearly explained what we would cover every week.

Allie provides you with the tools and input to help you reach realistic goals. I would thoroughly recommend Allie & her incredible, life-changing course. Some might argue there’s no such thing as a miracle but I certainly believe in it after starting this course.

It’s changed my life for the better and I haven’t even finished it yet!”

pathway to courage client

“Allie, thank you so much for my first session. You made me feel relaxed straight away.

I have been struggling with anxiety and low self-esteem but with Allie’s support, guidance and effective coaching, I was immediately on a positive path and lots more.

I have been self doubting and struggling with self acceptance but again, I was given guidance and effective strategies to help me.

I now feel more confident about myself and it was so nice to have someone who understands and listens effectively. It was the best session I’ve ever had. It was a professional, non judgmental space. It was also positive and uplifting.

Thank you – I’m looking forward to the next session. I recommend Allie to anyone.”

know your worth client

“I was referred to Allie by a close friend who had used her services previously. After spending many, many weeks locked up due to the ongoing circumstances surrounding COVID 19, I found myself lacking confidence, fatigued and in need of a boost.  

Allie was patient, calm and without judgment. She has lifted me and my confidence within a short space of time. Each Sunday, I would find myself in a state of anxiety awaiting Monday morning, working from home in an isolated mindset. Allie helped me to rebuild communication with others, improve my self-worth and reassured me that I was not alone.  

Allie provides you with the toolbox to rebuild your confidence. Sundays don’t seem so bleak anymore.”

Confidence booster session client

“I would highly recommend Allie. She’s an amazing coach.

I came out of my session feeling extremely confident and empowered. I know exactly what I need to do. She’s given me some really great tools that I can use.

I would highly recommend checking Allie out and signing up for one of her Confidence Booster Sessions.”

grace, confidence booster session client

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