The Perfect Gentleman | Writing

As well as writing for enjoyment, I write for my own psychological wellbeing. As soon as I get what I’m feeling down on paper, I feel kinda better 🙂 So this is a poem about my dad:

There was a gentle breeze this morning

Wind lifted my hair from my face

I stood silently by the sea

And thought about your warm embrace.

I remember you seeming like a giant

When I was just a little girl

But suddenly I was a woman

And was too big to curl

Into the nook of your arm

With my hand across your chest

The safest place in the whole world

That I’ll remember the best

Those arms will carry me on and on

Whether I succeed or no

As I become a wife or a mother

You’ll be there with me, I know

But I do sometimes ask myself

Why is it you aren’t here to hold

Why you aren’t here when I need you

And then I remember you told

Us to meet you at the end of the prom

Where the First Aid post used to be

You’re not gone at all are you?

Not gone anywhere

Not to me

© Alice Morgan 2013 

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