For Dan & Lisa | Writing

Not too long ago, my brother asked me to do a reading at his wedding in September. This made me nervous enough. Then he asked me to write it.

I wasn’t too sure how to go about it as I didn’t want to make it too cheesy or over the top. I wanted to steer away from clichés as much as I could too.

Eventually I came across a quote from the Song of Solomon which inspired this poem.

So this is for Dan and his beautiful bride Lisa 🙂


For Dan & Lisa

Whom our soul loves


Though we may be

as mere grains of sand,

Within the eye of an infinite universe,

We seek to discover another whom our soul loves.


One with whom a greater happiness is found,

And sorrow is diminished

as our grief is taken onto another’s shoulders.


One who will become a part of us,

Who will notice our strange little ways,

And miss them when we are apart.


We seek someone, with whom we can share life,

And all the little moments,

In which we share love.


We will find a sanctuary

In another’s arms,

Where we may lay our heads to rest.


We will discover a future,

In another’s dreams,

Where all our adventures lay in wait.


We are blessed to be able

To look up at the stars and know

That we are so small

Yet mean so much

To another

Whom our soul loves.

© Alice Morgan 2014

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