What I Learned from Having Childhood Cancer | Cancer Tips

I was misdiagnosed by three different doctors at the same practice.

Osteosarcoma is a rare disease and it’s easily missed so I don’t blame them at all.

But if that last doctor hadn’t sent me for an x-ray, I might not be here now.

As the months went by and each doctor diagnosed me with something different, the tumour grew so big that it broke my femur.

A side by side transformation photo of me in hospital, in 2008 and me now

Be your own advocate

Even as a teenager, I just knew that something wasn’t right.

Something felt off.

I had a feeling that something was going to happen that would change my life forever.

And I am so thankful that teenage Allie and my mother kept being persistent.

We went back again and again to highlight the problem.

We didn’t stop, even when part of us really wanted to believe that it was just ligament damage.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Having childhood cancer taught me that sometimes, you have to be your own advocate and voice your own concerns.

Don’t wait for someone to do it for you if something doesn’t feel right to you.

Rare cancers can be misdiagnosed because doctors just don’t expect to see them, but you know your body.

As Childhood Caner Awareness Month rolls around, I wanted to remind you of some osteosarcoma symptoms to look out for:

  • Bone pain (constant or on & off)
  • Swelling
  • Warm to the touch
  • Stiffness in the joint
  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained weight loss

If in doubt, get it checked out.

Allie x


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