Ziplining for Noah’s Ark Charity | Fundraising

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to fundraise for a charity close to my heart for a while now. But when it came along combined with something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, I couldn’t say no! That’s not to say I’m absolutely terrified. It is the world’s fastest seated zipline, after … More Ziplining for Noah’s Ark Charity | Fundraising

The Artist’s Story with Graham Parker & Amir Nejad | Art

Behind every creative, there is a story. There is a reason why every dancer dances, every writer writes and every painter paints. I recently chatted to two Swansea-based artists, Graham Parker & Amir A Nejad, who exhibited their work last week in the Oriel Bach Gallery. Their collaborative exhibition, ‘Face to the Sea’, displayed the … More The Artist’s Story with Graham Parker & Amir Nejad | Art

Dalit Leon’s ‘Time Signatures’ | Art

You could be forgiven for missing the Elysium Gallery completely. Tucked away on a busy Swansea street, the gallery offers a break from the madness and a descent into a calming, tranquil space. Escaping into a different dimension is particularly apt for the current exhibition on display, Dalit Leon’s Time Signatures. Her focus for the … More Dalit Leon’s ‘Time Signatures’ | Art