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Back in June, I went to Santorini with family…

First of all, let me just say it was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been in my life!

I started writing my ‘bucket list’ while I was in hospital, flicking through travel brochures & noting down the places that I would love to see. One place that stood out was Santorini in Greece. The beautiful blue and white buildings bathed in the light of that famous sunset was mesmerising. It looked divine.

I never dreamed I would get there – you know how normal life makes you put things off all the time? – it was just a dream in the future that would at some point come true. But then my brother messaged me & asked if me & my mother would like to join him and his wife on a holiday to SANTORINI!

We would only have to pay for flights as they were paying for accommodation – it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Before I tell you about the trip, I just wanted to say something about travel insurance (skip this if you find it completely boring!). I was looking for travel insurance on various sites for both me & my mother for aaaages! There seemed to be no option for cancer in remission, only osteosarcoma. But the questions suggested that I still had it. I wanted to mention that I had had cancer because my leg was playing up before we flew out & I didn’t want to get into any difficulty while I was out there. Of course, the price of the insurance shot up as soon as I mentioned cancer. Eventually, we managed to get a fantastic deal on so check them out if you’re looking for travel insurance.

Anyways! We stayed in Perissa & Imerovigli with day trips to Oia & Fira.

Another thing on my bucket list was to sleep in a hammock & guess what was in Santorini?! Hammocks! Just outside one of the bars! So while I didn’t sleep in one, I sat in one for a while & that’s another thing ticked off too. Just 59 more to go…

Please, please add Santorini to your wish list if you haven’t already – it was genuinely the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life.

I think everyone needs time out from everything now and again – to have time to process everything & to relax. It was great to have time to stop & think. My leg was also hurting a little before we left & it brought home to me just how much the trip meant. I dreamed about it for seven years & now I can say I’ve been there.

Where we stayed 

We stayed in Perissa for 9 nights & then moved to Imerovigli for the final 2.

In Perissa, we stayed in Samson’s Village which is a beautiful little complex near the beach. 11403166_10155746058730274_1043604060755756064_n DSCN0263 DSCN0266 IMG_3148DSCN0172IMG_3233

Our family room was really cosy & had gorgeous views of the pool area. Breakfast there was lovely & we wanted for nothing – John was the ultimate host, driving us around to the other side of the island for a much cheaper price than a taxi would. The beach is wonderful but the sand is absolutely boiling so make sure you wear your flip flops! If you stay in Perissa, I would definitely recommend going to Tranquillo for their huge portions of food (especially salads!) and their cocktails on the beach; it seems to be less busy than the other bars along the front.

DSCN0188 11703074_10152948363727405_6606011802463840_n 11403027_10152948363177405_325093920631525060_n 11037176_10152799060886012_5012768187507332620_n 10955056_10152799060381012_7457471235348599223_n

We also took the extremely cheap bus to Fira and Oia which are both bustling & full of little shops.

DSCN0232 11659267_10155746001410274_4513568356943491659_n 988578_10155745999730274_7986821153929029654_n

My favourite part of the whole trip had to be taking a cruise on a huge ship; we were able to explore the volcano, swim in the hot springs, eat dinner on board & watch the beautiful sunset from the sea. Although I didn’t walk up the volcano because my leg was aching or jump in the hot springs because I can’t swim, I was absolutely overwhelmed by the stunning views & the Greek dancing after the sunset was so much fun!

10457852_10155746003625274_1729174309252539193_n 11183468_10152948367007405_1931791850747641366_n IMG_3465 11665399_10152948368407405_1820748295499067942_n

Finally, we stayed in the amazing Ilioperato Apartments in Imerovigli. It was the poshest place I’ve ever been & eating my breakfast on my own private balcony in my dressing gown was an experience I’ll never forget. The sunsets from this part of the island are out of this world!

IMG_3885 IMG_3712 IMG_3701 IMG_3670 IMG_3134 IMG_3121 11695385_10152816275826012_4726474999496638843_n 10436104_10152948376922405_395875268673833412_n

I cannot thank my brother & his wife enough for paying for our accommodation & taking me & my mother to such a beautiful place. Who could forget that wonderful sunset?

Places I recommend: 

Samson’s Village:


Ilioperato Apartments:


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