A New Year | News

It’s the start of a new year and I think pretty much everyone I know is glad to see the back of 2016! What a weird year!

Although there were a lot of highlights in 2016, I didn’t do half the things I said I was going to do.


In 2016, I definitely kept to some of my resolutions – I got outside more & made lots of plans with family & friends. Unfortunately, I barely stuck to some other things…

  • I failed my reading challenge miserably! Of the 50 books I was hoping to read, I only finished 17. Just awful.
  • I didn’t write as much as I would have liked at all!

This year, I’m hoping to achieve more and that’s why I’ve set myself some specific and attainable goals.


First things first, I want to read more of the books on my to-read list without it feeling like a chore.

So I’ve set myself a reading goal of 2 books a month – a reasonable amount, I think. Hopefully, I’ll read more than that but I’d like to actually hit my goal this year.


I also want to work on my blog. Rather than put pressure on myself to blog weekly, I’ve come up with a monthly schedule which will give me more time to write better content & I’m really hoping that you guys will enjoy it.

This year, I will definitely finish my book. Once and for all. I started it in September 2014 so it’s been a while & I need to get my act together. This year, it will be finished.

I want to do more charity events & in 2017, I’m aiming to do 3. I’ve already signed myself up for ‘Walk All Over Cancer‘ in March which involves doing 10,000 steps a day for Cancer Research UK. I’m on the lookout for more to do so I’ll keep you updated when I find them 🙂


Next, I finally want to get to New York!! I’ve been saying for years that I want to go & now I have to because I’ve told everyone I’m going. How exciting!

The penultimate thing on my list is to exercise every day. Not going too badly at the moment but there’s definitely room to improve! I’ve written up a daily schedule so there’s no room for excuses.

Finally, I want to go and see more plays and poetry readings as well as going to more bookish events. When I was in uni, there was always something going on and I really miss getting involved! Hopefully, there’ll be some exciting things going on locally that I can go along to 🙂

What are your goals for this year?


Allie x


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