5 Writing Techniques for Confidence | Confidence

I’ve always used writing when I’m in a bit of a low spot. Whether I’ve had a bad day, I’m feeling overwhelmed or my confidence needs a boost, writing always helps me to get clear on exactly how I’m feeling. … More 5 Writing Techniques for Confidence | Confidence

Hotel du Lac | Books

With the dreaded C-word still around, I haven’t travelled abroad this year and it’s really had an effect on me. Looking forward to escaping everyday life for a while and discovering somewhere new always gives me a little boost, but this year, I’ve found myself just plodding along, doing the same old thing, day in, … More Hotel du Lac | Books

5 Ways Creativity Can Boost Your Wellbeing | Confidence

My university tutor once told me: ‘The Ancient Greeks were doing something right when they made Apollo the god of poetry and medicine.’ I was talking to him about the therapeutic effects of writing – how getting all of your thoughts down on paper can make you feel so much better. Of course, as well … More 5 Ways Creativity Can Boost Your Wellbeing | Confidence

A New Year | News

It’s the start of a new year and I think pretty much everyone I know is glad to see the back of 2016! What a weird year! Although there were a lot of highlights in 2016, I didn’t do half the things I said I was going to do.