The One | Writing

A little something for Yan xx


The One 

I feel as though I’ve come home

As though all the stars have formed a constellation in a blue velvet sky,

To guide me back to you.

As long as I can slip my hand into yours

Hear that old familiar voice

The world cannot hurt me.

You are my eternal home

Built from all the beautiful things in the world

Dandelion wishes, lingering kisses, nostalgic reminisces.

You are the boy I grew up with

And the man I’ll grow old with

And we are eternal.

There we were

Two souls

Standing in the footsteps of the others who came before.

In overgrown castle walls

At the top of silent mountains

At the edges of the fairy circles.

Two souls that always belonged to each other.

And as long as the stars keep their light

And the moon pulls the tide,

You will be the best part of me,

Infinitely. Eternally.

Allie x


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