Graduation | Writing

Today, I thought I’d share a poem that I wrote for my mother a while ago – I only rediscovered it recently.

My mam is my rock & my best friend – I love her to pieces.

So this is for her:


As they called my name

And the applause started

My hands were sweaty and

I was concentrating on not falling

In those heels.


And as I passed by my mother

She smiled at me

And in that look

I saw


Her pushing me on a swing

Telling me that I was higher than the moon

And the stars


I saw

Her sitting beside me on the bus

Pulling out the books she had bought me

So I could read them

On the way home


I saw

Her dancing to her music

In her long skirt

On the kitchen tiles


I saw her

Sleeping beside me for nine months

when I got sick.


And helping me to walk again

And live again

After my operation.


In that look

I saw the love of a mother,

The pride of a teacher,

The joy of a friend.


In that look

That I shared with my mother,

I saw the mother

That I wish to be.



Allie x



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