Education and Work | Cancer Tips

First and foremost, your health is the priority here. Try not to stress out about taking time off work, school or college – a lot of your energy needs to go into getting better.

If you’re still studying, there will be time to catch up on your work at a later date. Sometimes, people are set back a year which can be frustrating. However, if you’re not well enough to concentrate on your work, it’s best to leave it until you’re able to get the grades you deserve.

  • Your work/school/college should be understanding & grant you time off (they’d be a bit heartless not to!)
  • You may have to provide them with a letter from your doctor/consultant to confirm your diagnosis/treatment so make sure you can get hold of these – you may also need a doctors note for insurance papers or travel documents too.
  • Ideally, have someone in your workplace or school that you can keep in contact with – you can update them on your situation & it’ll save you trying to pass the message on to everybody yourself.
  • If you’re feeling well enough, pop into work/school & see your friends and colleagues – it’ll bring a bit of normality back to your life! – but be prepared for a little bit of inevitable awkwardness. It might be the first time you’ve seen them in a while & you may look a little different to how they remember.
  • Keep up any work at home if and when you can but don’t push yourself.
  • A social worker can advise you on benefits that you may be entitled to as well as grants so that you can keep your head above water.
  • As I was in school when I was diagnosed, I was thankfully given some wonderful tutors who helped me with my studies – ask about the options available to you within the hospital if you’re spending a lot of time there.
  • Your whole routine will change – take time to rest, take time to relax and then, when you are feeling well, pick yourself up to work.

Your whole career plan may change while you’re having treatment too – something I can tell you for sure is that having cancer makes you realise the bigger picture & the potentials that you can reach.

Allie x