3 Health Books On My To-Read List | Books

Since I moved into the flat, I’ve been trying to get my life a tad more organised and a lot more healthy.

I’ve been meal prepping and everything – it’s like a whole new me 🙂

I live on the coast but even when it feels like you’re breathing in the fresh sea air, you can still sometimes see the layer of pollution in the sky from nearby power stations – it’s quite frightening!

I can’t really control that but I can help myself in other ways 🙂

I’m a sucker for anything sweet – I’m known for eating a LOT – and that’s completely fine in my opinion. I’m never going to starve myself and I’m always gonna eat the cake if it’s there but…everything in moderation.

I’ve decided that as I’m now living alone and cooking my own dinner, I wanted to stop eating processed food and start making more things from scratch.

Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr 

This is the one a guy at the hospital told me about.

I was really interested to see what Kris Carr’s advice would be on healthy eating.

She’s been living with cancer since 2003 and turned her whole life around to improve her well-being.

I’ve only read the first few pages and it’s really opened my eyes to a lot of things already.

Kris follows a plant based diet with lots of emphasis on raw foods and limited sugar intake.

It’s all about reducing inflammation in the body by eating more alkaline foods.

But the book isn’t just about diet.

Despite its title, Kris Carr’s book is about overall well-being which includes clearing your mind and sinuses too.

I’m keen to take some pointers from this book so I’ll let you know how it goes.

Follow Your Gut by Rob Knight 

This looks like it’s going to be a great little read.

It’s a TED book so it’s only 96 pages long but what are the chances it’ll still take me about half a year to read? 🙂

Follow Your Gut is all about how the microbes in your body can be linked to various diseases, such as arthritis, autism, depression and obesity.

The blurb says, ‘almost anything you can imagine has an effect on the microbiome – diet, whether you’re the oldest child, or how many sexual partners you have.’

I’m really interested to see what this book has to say.

There’s a lot of science-y (technical term) words but I’m sure I’ll get by with the help of the illustrations!

The Health Delusion by Glen Matten and Aiden Goggins 

The longer title of this book is ‘The Health Delusion: How to Achieve Exceptional Health in the 21st Century’.

I CAN’T WAIT to start reading this one – it claims to contain all the ‘real facts, backed by hard science’ and is all about how disease seems to be on the rise despite all our new research and technology.

One of the things it covers which I’m really intrigued by is what it reveals about the diet, health and pharmaceutical industries ‘and how they consistently put our health in jeopardy in favour of boosting their profits.’

I’m interested to see what this can open my eyes to and how I’ll feel after reading it.

The thing is, I don’t want to become too paranoid about my diet but I would like to learn more about where my food is coming from and how I can make my life a bit healthier.

Whatever happens, I’m still ALWAYS going to eat the cake.

What are you reading at the moment?

Allie x


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