Working Out with a Metal Joint | Fitness

Summer is here, it’s boiling hot and I’ve decided to join a gym & get even sweatier.

I haven’t been to the gym since I was at uni but, as with most things in my life, all it took was a friend saying ‘let’s start going to the gym together!’ for me to sign on up.

I’ve got to be honest – I was a bit nervous the first time we went. And not just because I couldn’t even work out how to use the water machine…

Bionic woman 

Today marks 10 years since I had my bone taken out of my leg and sent off to a research lab with a great big lump of cancer in it.

So instead of having a normal bone in there, I have this sleek metal joint going from the top of my femur right down to the middle of my tibia.

It’s fab and it means I can walk around like a normal person which is great. But as it’s not a normal bone, it doesn’t bend as much as my right leg and it also doesn’t have as much muscle around it to support it.

When I had the op, the doctor told me I wouldn’t be able to run, dance, or ski again. I’ve done the first two – running along the beach chasing a 4 year old and dancing in a club after a few drinks. Skiing, I’ve left for now.

But actual running on a treadmill is something I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with! I still feel quite self conscious when I’m the only one walking on the treadmill. I feel like if people can’t see what’s wrong with me, they might judge me for not pushing myself hard enough while everyone around me is running.

It’s something that I just need to get over because it’s really not that big a deal and I’m sure I will when I get more used to going. But the gym has actually really helped me manage any pain and made me feel better mentally too.

Workout routine

At the moment, I go to the gym after work at least 3 times a week.

When me and my friend went together, we’d spend about an hour and a half in the gym together but she’s since moved jobs and I’m alone! She did, however, pass on her gym wisdom before she left me.

I’m still quite nervous though. So, at the moment, I’ll only do half an hour of cardio on the treadmill or bike.

Then when I come home, I’ll put on a couple of Cassey Ho Youtube videos and do some pilates in my living room.

I need to start using the weights and other machines in the gym – that’s what I actually pay for! – but at the moment, I’m just too nervous that I’m going to do something wrong.

On a Friday, if it’s sunny, I’ll skip the gym and go for a walk around the beach instead. It’s such a lovely view – it’s a shame to waste it.

I find that I have so much more energy when I come home if I’ve been to the gym – those endorphins are pumping!

Mind over matter

I’ve also been trying to get into the habit of practising yoga – again, in my living room!

My head’s been a bit all over the place recently and I feel like I just need a bit of calm.

Yoga with Adriene has possibly been my best YouTube find ever. As soon as she starts to speak, I instantly feel more relaxed!

I’ll follow one of her videos or I’ll do a session with the Headspace meditation app to relax me at the end of the day.

I’m feeling in a much better place for it.

How are you all doing? Let me know 🙂

Allie x


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