The Day We Disappeared Review | Books

The Day We Disappeared by Lucy Robinson is a book that’s been on my shelf for about 10 million years.

I originally picked it up at a Penguin event I went to back in 2015 (that time I crammed all the free books into 2 bags!) and it’s been winking at me ever since.

I finally got around to reading it on holiday this year and I absolutely LOVED it.

So, what happens?

The Day We Disappeared tells the story of 2 friends – Annie & Kate – and their narratives run on a parallel throughout the novel.

Annie is a nervous masseuse who works in the city. Kate, her Irish friend, is running from her past by starting a new job in the English countryside.

While Annie is swept off her feet by a hot-shot CEO, Kate finds love with the famous jockey she works for. But there is a much darker undertone to this story.

There are flashbacks throughout to a traumatic event that took place when one of the girls was young and as the book progresses, we learn exactly what happened and who it happened to.

This tragedy has a massive impact on how life turns out for both women and raises questions about whether we can ever really escape our past.


I got through this book so quickly!

Most of the time, I was just lounging by the pool so I had plenty of time to read but when I got home, I still couldn’t put it down.

The two stories alternate with each chapter which keeps things interesting – I couldn’t wait to see what happened to each character.

The settings really stand out too – the comparison between Annie’s city life and Kate’s country existence is beautifully depicted by Lucy Robinson. Her descriptions of each place are vivid and the places almost become characters in their own right.

There was also a huge twist at the end that I really wasn’t expecting – I actually gasped out loud.

I really enjoyed this book – it’s a fab one to take on an autumn holiday or cwtch up with when it’s raining outside.

What are you reading?

Allie x

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